Friday, March 19, 2010

Macarons at the Ritz

I'm so excited! I just registered to take a two-hour class at the Ecole Ritz Escoffier (Paris) to learn how to make classic French "macarons". I will have this opportunity when I am in Paris in October just before leaving for another season at Chicago House in Luxor (Egypt). Our macaron flavor will be vanilla. I found out about this class thanks to the blog called "Paris Breakfasts". Carol just took the class and has posted a detailed "photo essay" about the experience. √Čvidemment, I went immediately to the Ritz Escoffier website and was delighted to find that there would be a class while I was in Paris. Serendipity at work! Of course, I will post a detailed report with my own photos after my class.


  1. C'est merveilleux, Marie! C'est un miracle! Felicitations de Leslie et Guillaume :-)

  2. yum! rest assured.......i will gladly be your personal taste tester!